8 Track Music Maker

8-track music is going to have a few things going for it that separate it from a virtual drum machine or traditional software music maker. An essential difference is that it is going to allow a songwriter to produce an entire song from beginning to end. This usually means that the samples will also have to be more expensive.

To date, after a short span of time, the fame rate for the all about 8-track music immediately lose its fame as people discovered many of its shortcomings as a revolutionary music. With the emergence of the cassette music in the mid 70’s, there were just too many reasons, and some people were clearly identifying facts as to why not have an 8-track music for home use. For this, many investigations were launched as to why the 8 track music will inherently fail.

As it is known to create a continuous loop of sound, this fundamental feature of the music will enable the continuous tension on the center of the media thus the main reason why it will break.

As to the question of why not have an 8-track music for home, we focus first on the feature of the material itself to fully understand how it works and why it is not recommended for home use. For sure, everyone will notice that the music is big and too bulky with big speakers on the side to move around the house. The tracks included in this music may have the tendency of splitting the song into two when one change the track from one song to another, and you cannot rewind the song if you want to hear it again.

One clear disadvantage of this music is the cutting of the songs and splitting it into program formats for it to have the same length as to the other tracks. This would mean combining one song to other song/s for it to have the same length as the others. This has significantly elevated the discussions on why not have an 8 track music for home. The emergence of cassettes musics in the mid of 1970’s made an alternative option for car owners and music lovers to opt for the most convenient music during this time. Unlike the 8 track music, the invention of cassette music made it possible to not split the songs from one program to another.

Why not have an 8 track music for home? Simply put, several limitations of the 8 track music greatly contributed to its fall in the marketplace. First, the tape cartridge of the music does not offer the ability to browse back and forward to the program tracks. Second, the tape materials are made of the substandard quality that was the main cause for the material to break. Lastly, the audio sound for the tracks keeps on fading at times when it is not supposed to be fading. Again, we reiterate that we answer the question, why not have an 8 track music for the home simply because of the flaws of its features which make it non-convenient for home use. There is a wide gap of silence when the music changes from one program to another and often than not, the tapes usually jammed in the music. Besides this music was completely obliterated in the market when a more refined cassette was introduced to address the problems of the 8 track music.




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Lillie Mills

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