Broadcast Radio

Radio broadcasts have been around since the dawn of the Universe. Radio waves have been fluttering and bouncing around our world long before we even knew what they were. But as the years went on and technology became part of our lives we began to see another side to the world around us we previously had not conceived. With the very first pieces and most essential parts of technology at our control, we started to pick up on little things called waves in light. First discovered in 1867 by James Clerk Maxwell a Scottish physicist and mathematician he described how he believed there were wave-like properties in light and how through electromagnetism light can be radio waves as well as light waves. This came to be one of the leading concepts in modern physics. The concept that light can travel as a light wave and simultaneously be a radio wave helped to increase our knowledge and understanding of many of the properties of our physical world.

After the discovery of this notion many inventions sprung off the back of it, one of the most famous being the wireless telegraphy which became the wireless for many years till it became known as the radio after the adoption of commercial advertising from the United States in the late 1920’s. The radio started off as the small machine and nothing like what we know of it today, for many generations it stayed pretty much how it was when it was first invented but only more refined and smaller. Then thanks to how popular it was becoming and microchips of Silicon Valley we saw a total increase in how we utilized the radio it became part of our cars as well as a common household object.

But it is what happened in the last four decades that began to revolutionize our world with radio, it became a staple of our society, and with radio stations popping up anywhere and easily you could do something and get somewhere within the confines of radio. Pirate stations, as well as fully licensed ones, increased how many people could communicate and listen to music. Though through this we had to create more industrial and powerful machines to deal with this type of capacity, so we began to build specific broadcasting radio equipment to handle the strain. Soon mixers, amplifiers, faders, recorders, receivers all became part of the console, and then we moved to digital, and it changed everything. Plus with an increase in music production, it began to take a whole new phrase which is being added to and adapting functions over the last few years. Music can now be solely created via broadcast radio equipment taking us full circle from the start of the basics transmitting function to creating and finishing full music scores with it.

Broadcasting will never cease as our need for communicating is part of our human consciousness, so hopefully, over the next few generations, we will see even more refinement and evolution creating more history in the world of broadcasting radio equipment.


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Lillie Mills

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