So you want to burn CD’s?

For the most part we have grown up with compact discs, and probably even burned a few before MP3 players came out. There’s still a lot to know about duplicating a CD.

When you are looking to burn numerous CD’s quickly and easily, a CD duplicator will come handy.This device can allow you to make several copies of a particular CD in a single batch. Many reputed companies manufacture the CD duplicators that provide a comprehensive solution to their clients. These solutions include manufacturing, CD packaging, and printing. They also provide add-on services like custom printed stickers, t-shirts and even gifts.

What is a CD duplicator?

CD duplicator refers to a standalone system wherein multiple CD writers are stacked in one unit and does not need any CD burning software. With a CD duplicator one can make several copies of a CD in a single batch. CD duplicators are available in 2 modes viz. manual and automatic. Manual systems need blank CD-R discs to be inserted one after the other in order to enable copying. In a handbook CD duplicator, one can copy CD’s between one to ten numbers per batch depending on the model of the CD duplicator.

How does a CD duplicator work?

The way a CD duplicator works is, it reads the primary CD and copies the same to all CD’s stacked. However, in an automated system without any assistance or intervention, the CD Duplicator can copy over hundreds of CDs in a row. Typically, the CD Duplicator fetches the first CD and copies the data into it. After copying, it is placed in another stack. Thus the entire batch is completed.There are various other highlights in an automated CD duplicator. For instance, some systems permit the user even to print any design on the documents once the system has copied them.

Buying a CD Duplicator

CD Duplicator is available in various models and varies in cost depending on the features of the system. One must understand the requirement very clearly before buying the correct CD Duplicator.These systems are available with different speed parameters to suit the need of every user. 52X is the most common among CD writers.Also, one can consider buying an internal cache drive as well to reduce the usage of the direct reader of the CD Distributor thus enhancing its performance and its life. The most popular CD distributors have a configuration of one to three, one to seven and one to fourteen. Thus, getting a CD duplicator of your choice and the one that suits your budget is the smart thing to do.

Choose the best CD’s and printable

There are a lot of companies that provide good quality CDs and dvds. But our endeavor is to find the best amongst the many that are available in the market. There are the various formats that are available in the CD’s and DVD’s media; we will find the best company that provides them. Storage media printable is a good option for your disc, and many companies provide them. So, read on to find more about it.

Reputed company

Amongst the various companies that provide devices for media storage, Verbatim is considered one of the best. Verbatim CD is one of the examples of their product range. It is a high-quality product that is compatible with almost all the technologies, whether new or old. The CD comes in two formats, recordable CD, and rewritable CD. You can re-write on the verbatim disc for more than 1000 times. Verbatim CD is one of the best discs to store your pictures on it as it can store more than 1200 pictures on one disc. Verbatim provides CD’s that are longer lasting with good finishes on the layer to protect them from scratches and corrosion.

Product range

Companies such as River media, Taiyo-Yuden, MBI, and ACU-disc offer a variety of products under the category of media storage. You can find a variety of products with Verbatim such as Verbatim CD, DVD’s, and Verbatim printable. Verbatim manufacture a range of Verbatim printable media options such as thermal printable media, inkjet printable and silk screen printable. It has various surface finishes to enable a high quality of printing. Usually, companies offer thermal and inkjet printable only. Verbatim CD comes with finishes such as white inkjet, silver inkjet, crystal thermal, white thermal and shiny silver printable. You can also choose the print dimensions for your CD. They are available in standard, mini, print to center and digital vinyl options.


There are several benefits of Verbatim printable. A high quality of the printable options gives a good resolution to the pictures. The CD’s are compatible with all the technologies which make them easier to work with. The surface of the inkjet printable has excellent color absorption which provides durability and vibrant colors. It is ideal for text printing, color printing and photo printing on any inkjet printer. Shiny silver printable provide a good surface for silk screening. The discs provide excellent text reproduction and apparent graphics and are compatible with all the disc printers. You can choose amongst the various Verbatim printable options as per your requirement.

Use the best CD and printable option. It gives high quality and good resolution to the text and pictures you take. Verbatim has some really good options. Go and find the one that suits you the most.


*****We do NOT support the piracy of video or audio content in any form.  This information is intended solely for personal uses of medias already owned****



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